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DREWART had started its business operation in 1981. Since 1995 we have been dealing in infrared technology. In 2000 we started manufacturing quartz-halogen radiators that equal [products of renowned European companies in advanced technological solutions]. We are still making investments in advancing our product technology. We are one of the few companies which have a wide range of radiators that feature power of over six kiloWatts in one unit. We supply our clients with equipment range characteristics, enabling them to choose right radiators. In order to ensure right thermal comfort, we select radiators (standard, wide-angle, low-angle) depending on the conditions and height at which the radiator would be installed. We offer the widest range of middlewave and shortwave infrared lamps from such renowned manufactures as: Phipils, Victory or Toshiba. Our latest achieviement, which made our offer in utilizing infrared technology complex and complete, is establishing a control-measuring station (the first in Poland), that is meant to determine (on our client's request) characteristics of quart-halogen lamps. Control-measurment sheets (certificates) enclosed with lamps, enable the user to adjust infrared radiation wavelenght to absorption characteristics of the treated material.

We encourage everybody interested in infrared technology to familiarize themselves with our good Polish product - SOLART radiator which can rival any radiator manufactured not only in Poland, but also in the wide world.

Brief product characteristics.

SOLART Quartz-halogen radiators feature wide range of application and very high radiation efficiency - > 96%, simple design and high efficacy in instant transmission of concentrated, directed energy.


Basic advantages of heating with SOLART radiators:

- instant heat reception
- radiator design increases lamp efficiency and durability
- exceptional efficacy and cost-effectiveness,
- environment-friendly heating,
- safe operation.

Almost 100% of heat emitted by SOLART system reaches its object/receipient, particular surface or individual workstation. Using expensive and complex heat delivery systems becomes unnecessary. System operation and maintenance costs are minimized. SOLART radiant heating makes it possible to ensure a very good thermal comfort while significantly reducing energy expenses. SOLART system can be set to turn itself on in a specific time, when there is need for [heating. SOLART radiators do not influence transport of dust, bacteria, noise] do not produce combustion exhaust not humidity.

Drewart-Energy would welcome business partners.

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